General FAQ's

The Bottom Line is literally the bottom line of your Profit and Loss Statement. This is also known as your Net Income or your Profit. It is what is left over in your business after you have paid all of the business’ expenses. It is also THE MOST IMPORTANT metric in your business to track and understand.

Yes, yes we are…because we already know you are providing great care. We believe your profitability is the most important metric because if you are losing money, it doesn’t matter how great your care is or how great of a boss you are, you will not be able to survive long term. Then all of the patients and employees that need your practice won’t have it. That is sad and happening WAY TOO often as therapy owners are having to close their doors or sell to bigger corporations that don’t share the same passion for client and employee care that you do. We want to stop that trend!

No. We love our Occupational and Speech Therapy sisters and brothers and are here to help them too! Unfortunately, the name and website was already taken at the time.

This is where we are supposed to list out all of our credentials, years of experience, incredible degrees and training, tell you how amazing we are, send you videos of us pulling money out of thin air, blah blah blah. Simply said, the past truly is the best indicator of the future. Our team’s past is making outpatient therapy practices more profitable, more efficient, more valuable, better for employees and patients and better for their owners. Also, we started PT Bottom Line because we want to, not because we have to. Every single employee in our company could get a job someplace else tomorrow but we live and breathe outpatient therapy. We LOVE business owners; we think therapists and the employees that work at your clinics are the best people on Earth and it is our goal to help as many of you as we possibly can!

You don’t have to do it on your own. Our first step will be a call with you to determine your needs.

There are really too many to list, but we will highlight what we think are some of the top ones:

  • When you hire people who are experts at what they do, it decreases your risk as a business owner.
  • You don’t have to worry if Susie or Johnny Employee or their kid, spouse, or dog is sick, we handle it.
  • You won’t be stuck paying employees when they don’t have enough work to do or hiring more staff when your team is overwhelmed. We take on the operational task of tunning your practice so your team can address necessary in-person tasks. Your employees will be able to focus their attention on what matters…your patients!
  • Outsourcing is frequently cheaper than having your own employees do the work.
  • You can break up with us over email or a text and nobody will Facebook, Tik-Tok or Instagram shame you.

As former clinic owners, we HATED when companies we worked with wanted long-term contracts. It is our job to provide you with such amazing service that you would never want to leave. So for RCM services, we have no long-term contracts, and you have a 30 day out anytime you want if we aren’t doing our job. For our Executive Consulting and PTBL Premium services we do require a minimum 6 month engagement. Why? Because if you need our help, it is going to take time to get you where want to be. You wouldn’t evaluate a patient status post SLAP repair, tell them what they needed to do over the next 6 months and then not see them again.

First, realize that you are likely wrong. If your business is in a position where you think you can’t afford our services, you either don’t fully understand your business’ financial situation, or for some reason your business has gotten away from you and is truly struggling financially. In either case, those are exactly the times when you need outside, objective, knowledgeable, third party help. That is when you buckle down the hardest and find people you can trust and that know what you need to do to turn things around.

In the meantime, you can follow us on FB as well as subscribe to our email list to get free information that can help you.

Executive Consulting FAQ's

Yes and No. Initially, we will rely on you to provide us the information we need in order to complete our analysis of your business. After identifying what you need and where you want to improve, we will lay out the plan to help you achieve the desired outcomes. We will answer questions, give ideas and suggestions, provide resources and tools, and continue to advise you throughout the process of implementation. You will be in charge of executing the plan. If you decide you want a more hands-on approach from us, we can be hired to do the work through our PTBL Premium service.

Absolutely! You know where you are struggling and what you want help with. However, as they say, “Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.” That is where our Operations and Financial Analysis comes in. We will identify the areas where you are losing money or unintentionally creating a significant potential liability for yourself that you may not even be aware of.


Like many things in life, you often times get what you pay for. We really aren’t like other companies. We are the former Executive Management and Billing Team of a successful, multimillion dollar therapy practice. We understand every aspect of running an outpatient physical therapy business and what you need to do in order to maximize your businesses income and value. We know what you are going through because we have walked in your footsteps. As a result, the quality and level of service you receive from us exceeds what a typical RCM or consulting company can provide that has never owned and operated therapy businesses.

We asked the EXACT SAME question and felt the same way when we first started as clinic owners outsourcing our billing to a third party. So we will let you in on a secret about billing companies. We make money on the claims that process quickly, easily, and with minimal touches. Conversely, we lose money on all the claims that don’t process correctly the first time requiring additional work on denials, appeals and resubmissions. The money you pay us for the easy claims allows us to spend more time on the difficult ones. which is where your profit lives! If you don’t think we are worth every penny you pay us, then you can fire us at any time.

Absolutely not…. because if you want we will do it for you for free if you are one of our RCM or PTBL Premium clients! We know that getting credentialing done quickly and accurately is key to your business’ financial success. As a result, we provide those services. Unfortunately, we are not currently doing credentialing for hire for non PTBL clients.

Yes. In the event that you are a start-up or there are other circumstances outside our control that lead to a significant drop in collections, we do have a minimum monthly fee to pay for the work we are doing for you.

Yes. You will have a dedicated US-based billing account manager who knows your account in and out.

No. We can set up a dedicated billing phone number for your practice and payments will be mailed to your office’s physical address.

PTBL Premium FAQ's

If you hire us for RCM and Executive Consulting, you are immediately elevated to PTBL Premium client status. The main advantages of being a PTBL Premium client are discounted pricing on all services and the opportunity to hire us to provide even more hands-on services for your practice including clinical and staff training, payroll administration, and more.